Month: May 2016

Uncommon Friendship

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circus-366142_640Once, I (Aida), gave away our tent. No, no, nothing like the one pictured above. You know the kind of tent we would use for an outdoor show – yeah, that tent.  It was for a good reason and all that, but… I gave it away and then told Shi.

Yeah…I know.

Truth be told that sort of stuff happens fairly often.  Not in a bad way or a defiant way, just in a – “I think it’s a good idea” – way and I (or sometimes she) will just – go for it!

I’m writing this mainly because I really thank God for the friendship and business partnership that He has put together. I trust her and she trusts me, which is pretty darn great for two friends sharing a business.

But, besides trust, there is mutual respect, too. I wouldn’t cross a boundary or knowingly put what we are working on in jeopardy and I know she wouldn’t either.  That’s a great feeling!

So I just thought I’d share and Praise God for it in the process…also, I’d like to share a blessing-  May all of you that read this be blessed with an awesome Divine connection…

Be Blessed



By the way –our tent looked more like this…

“Moonlight Painting in the Park”©

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Farah is one of our favorite people and she’s also one of our top supporters! So when she had family visiting from out of town we were thrilled to come up with a fun way to entertain them.

We decided that an outdoor painting excursion would be the most exciting. We went to one of my favorite parks in the city: Friendship Park and what better thing to paint, other than Friendship Fountain? The Main Street Bridge, of course!  Mind you, none of us – including myself- had ever painted a bridge before so this was a learning experience for all of us.

I shared a few drawing techniques to help them sketch out their bridge with chalk before we began applying paint. Once everyone was happy with their drawing the painting commenced. To add to the fun we used metallic and glow-in-the-dark paint for extra sparkle. ooooh….

As you can see, the paintings turned out great -not perfect, mind you, but that was okay because each one was as unique as the person who painted it. Oo lala…very artistic!

We had such a blast!  Even my little one got in on the action!

Think you’d like to try your hand at it? Let us know!


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