Sending Love & Prayers

Being in the heart of areas that have either faced severe (and sometimes) catastrophic damage is devastating, but it can also be disheartening to those preparing for storms to hit or even for those watching from the sidelines.

It is during this time that we must not forget our faith or our resilience.  We are all more capable than we may feel are.  Trust me, I know.  Too often I flim-flam between ‘I got this’ and “I can’t do this’. It is during the latter times that I must reach deep within me an remember I have been through hard times before and I made it though.  I’m sure many of you reading this know that feeling.

So we just want to encourage you during this difficult time. Do not despair, do not isolate yourself…reach out!

Be safe and God Bless!

Sending Love and Prayers

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