Silk Graveside Flowers

Occasionally, I am asked to make artificial flower arrangements for different occasions. In this case, I made four matching graveside memorial arrangements – two in pink and two in blue.  This a quick is a quick tutorial on how I made them.

(*Please note: this is for those with Intermediate to Advanced skills in floral design since there aren’t any step by step instructions for the actual design. If you would like to learn how to create one of your own and need more instruction, email us and let us know you’d like to take a class.)

To start with you’ll need:
2 bunches of artificial flowers – preferably one with a mix of flowers
Foam for artificial flowers
wire cutters
hot glue and a hot glue gun
long wood picks
Plastic Graveside flower holder
Scissors/ or a utility knife
breathing mask (not shown)

To start you’ll need a stable place to put your floral holder. In my case, I work on a desk made from a reclaimed door so my holder fits right inside the old doorknob hole.

Using the edge of your scissors or your utility knife, you’ll want to take a piece of the foam and shave it down to fit inside the holder… let me warn you this is VERY messy. You’ll want to want to wear a breathing mask since the small particles get everywhere.

With your wire cutters, begin to cut the flowers off of the bunch – be sure to leave the greenery on since this will cover most of your mechanics.  If some of the stems have extra greenery remove it- again these will serve to cover the foam and mechanics afterward.


Decide where you want to place your flowers.  If they are not tall enough you’ll need to extend them with your wooden sticks, either way, each stem will need a wood stick so that they do not spin in the foam.  If the sticks are too long just cut them with your wire cutter.  Also, do not worry about wrapping the sticks with tape since these arrangements are meant to be placed outside.

Once you’re happy with the design and where you want to put the flowers – place them in the foam.  **Make sure you decide where you want to place the flowers before you begin sticking them into the foam since the foam is fragile and you will have a very small space to work with.  With all the flowers in place, use the glue gun to glue them into the foam. Use the extra leaves to cover any exposed foam.


Voila, your arrangement is ready to be placed graveside!

We hope you liked this tutorial. If you have any questions or have something you’d like to add – just leave us a comment below.  Also, let us know what other kinds of tutorials you’d like to see!

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