The Joy of Overcoming – A Decade in Retrospect (Part 2)

Aida is shown with all the items needed to make a fruit basket
Aida prepares to demonstrate how to make a fruit basket.

… I didn’t bring you on this journey of the last ten years of my life to give all the gloom and doom. No, sir! Because you see in the last few years of this decade there has been a turnaround in my situation (and my friend’s). She met a nice young man at work and they are now engaged to be married. Yay! I, too have had an incredible turnaround as well and while yes, it does involve a very nice gentleman who has been my honey now for two wonderful years, it’s about so much more.

I have found my voice, my place, purpose. I have found me.

Photo of Aida in front of one her slides.
Aida gives her talk “Blogging – Even If You Think You Can’t Write” at the WPJax Meet-up

I have found my voice, my place, purpose. I have found me.


In the midst of all the chaos, there was plenty of introspection. If losing someone you love so unexpectedly doesn’t make you reflect, it certainly makes you stop caring what other people think. Which is what I did, I stopped caring about what other people think and started caring about what I think about myself and my life. My tolerance meter for people’s nonsense and drama went way down, too. 

Learning to know me and love me fully as I am has helped me to get clearer about what kind of business I want to own and who I want it to serve. It has also helped me to be clear about who I want to be an intimate part of my life. By the time my sweetheart showed up, I was very clear within myself about what I would and would not tolerate in my life. I also knew clearly what I was praying for in the character of the man I wanted God to bring into my life and boy did God show out! 

Photo of William Jackson and Aida
William Jackson and Aida in Eatonville, FL, right after finding out they were going to be Ford Experiential Bloggers

There’s something about having someone by your side that shares your passions and your interests, while still having enough of their own to keep things interesting that makes magic happen. I am blessed. 

Together we have accomplished a great deal! We are both are speakers at WordCamp conferences Nationally and Internationally. We are also volunteers and Organizers for local WordCamps, as well. We teach STEAM classes together in the community as well as for KidsCamps. Plus we volunteer for many local events and organizations, like our local library, Expanding Your Horizons, a STEM organization for girls and at our church.  We’re both even a part of the Ford Experiential Bloggers program, which has opened even more doors and adventures!

We both also share a love and passion for the Lord and enjoy serving Him together. In these last two years, we have come a long way and we both work very diligently toward achieving our dreams and serving our communities. 

He is very supportive of my business, which has taken on a new spin and is slowly beginning to gain traction. As I get clearer and clearer about the direction I want to take LoveBuilt Life, I get more excited about the possibilities. I believe my experiences – the good and the bad ones will help encourage the women I intend to serve and that’s what all of this is ultimately about, isn’t it?

On top everything else I’m doing, I have also been painting, again (recently finishing a piece that my mom is so proud of, she calls it my best work to date) and I am a published author with one book available on paperback and on Kindle and another one on the way.

Living my passion, pursuing my purpose and sharing it with someone I love has fueled me in ways I could only dream of in the past. Now, I can’t think of anything better than helping other women know that no matter what they go through or what they have been through -there is hope  That is why I have brought you on this decade long journey with me. So you can see that that old saying is true – there is triumph after tragedy. I am blessed and overcome with Joy.

I could have never imagined that things would turn out the way they have, but I did hope they would and that, dear reader, is sometimes all you need. 

May your hopes one day become your reality, too.

Be Blessed

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