It’s in the mail. (A repost)

Photo of a box ready for delivery

In light of what is going on concerning the U.S. Postal Service. I’d like to share a post from 2010, posted on my other blog – with some edits of course.

I can’t imagine the U.S. without the U.S.P.S. it has been a part of my family for as long as I can remember. I share why in the following post entitled:

“It’s In The Mail.”

I don’t know about you, but every time I hear the US Postal Service is in trouble, I shudder. I do. Literally.

Yes, I know, we are all about emails these days. If you can’t catch up that way there’s always Facebook and Myspace (hah!) Not to mention there’s text messaging, Twitter and a myriad of other social networks to help you keep up with family and total strangers for that matter. Having an event? Send an E- Vite. Birthday coming up? Send an E- Card. Paying bills? Do it online.

So what’s the big deal right?

Well, although I love the fact that Facebook and others have given me the opportunity to contact old friends and family that I otherwise would have probably lost contact of – there is nothing like the feeling of getting some good old-fashioned mail.

My baby sister decided to something special for one of my daughters. She knit her a scarf with a matching headband, bought her some funky jewelry, bright nail polish, a fashion book, two cards of encouragement and bunch of other stuff that would excite most teenage girls.

Then she packed it all in a USPS box, addressed it to “Princess Gigi of the Fairies”, marked it Priority mail, and sent it off. Mind you, my daughter didn’t know of the package, but I did. Every day I’d excitedly go and check the mail, you know, in case it came early.

The Post office was certainly on its job and just as promised – three days later the package arrived! My daughter wasn’t home, but I still called my sister and let her know that we had received it. Now it was her turn to get excited!

You could feel the anticipation in the air; me walking around the package tempted to open it -my sister calling and text messaging – “Is she there yet?”

You would think we were the ones getting a surprise!

When my other daughter Raven came home from school, she got excited about the contents of the package sitting on the table, too and before she could get sad for not having a box of her own, I told her that her aunt was already preparing one just for her.

Just the thought of knowing a package would be coming for her was enough to put a grin on her face from ear to ear!

When Gigi finally got home we ALL stood around her as she opened her box and emptied out its contents. We tried on her scarf and matching headband, listened as she read her cards aloud and commented on how the jewelry choices her aunt made were so perfectly suited for her.

When the excitement died down, she quietly went into her room to call her aunt and thank her.

Bottom line is, I have never had this much excitement or anticipation with an email -no matter how great. I know there are thousands of font styles out there, but none can equal even the worst handwriting when it’s in the form of a letter written just for you and sent in the mail. I doubt future movies with romantic plots will have people getting just as excited over finding their grandmas old emails as people get when they find a stack of love letters hidden in the attic.

I write because I love the feel of pen to paper. Period. Do I enjoy the fact that typing is faster? Of course. Do I find it exciting that, as a blog writer, my writings have the potential to reach the world via the internet? Of course, I do! I even enjoy the occasional funny or inspirational email or connecting with distant friends online, but to me, nothing beats good, old-fashioned, most times reliable -sometimes not, too slow for most people –snail-mail…

The Post office go out of business? Heaven forbid…

May you be blessed with some “good” mail today…

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