There are so many ways, beyond painting, to enjoy creating visual art. The main areas I help you explore your more artistic side are: Art Journaling, Drawing/Doodling and of course, Painting!

Art Journaling

“A journal is a journey into the soul.” (Aida)

These classes take that journey one step further by including artistic expression. They include instruction on various art journaling techniques as well as offer inspiration on how to make your own journals as unique as you are.

Artful Journal Collage Page

LoveBuilt Life Collage Class

Includes: Instruction on one technique (collage) on 12x 12 paper, use of all supplies; including glues, stamps , ink, pens, pencils, stickers, etc… and light refreshments

Duration: 2 hrs.
Price: $25.00

Artful Deluxe Journal


Includes: a 5×7 journal to keep, Instruction on various techniques for art journaling,  supplies, and light refreshments.
Duration: 3 hours
Price $35.00

Journey Journal:

Come make this unique piece created for a specific event or for use as a travel journal. It takes 14 unique papers to create this one of a kind journal. These creations are compact and simply beautiful! Turn your memories or travels into works of art!

Duration: 4 hrs.
Price: $30.00

Doodle Buggin’:

Do you remember sitting a classroom doodling in your notebook or a piece of paper? Did you know that doodling is not just a cool distraction, it’s relaxing and it’s a form of art! Join us as we explore the art of the doodle.
You learn new techniques and ways to take your doodles to
the next level!

Two price options for the same class:
#1 – Basic Version – “Yeah, I’m new to this and would like to try it out!”
Includes: Sketch paper, use of pens, pencils, watercolors, and markers.
Price: $15.00

#2 -OMG, yes! Version – “How did you know that I love doodling so much?”
Includes: Sketchbook, a black marker, one pack of color pencils.
You also get the use of pens, pencils, markers, and watercolors.

Duration: 1 ½ hrs.
Price: $25.00


Tree of life

We will be making our own versions of the tree of life using master artist Gustav Klimt’s style as our inspiration. Using mixed media of paint and metallic pens, we will create a beautiful tree on black canvas.

Duration: 3 hrs.
Price: 35.00

Great “E”scapes –  Coming Soon!


Abstract Sea eScape

Just using the ocean and beautiful colors as our inspiration we will be making a wonderful and unique abstract piece of ocean art.

Includes: art supplies, light refreshments and a ride to the beach via the Kenected Crawler Party Bus

Duration: 3hrs.
Price: 55.00 pp  – 6 person minimum – 12 person maximum

Tree eScape

Inspired by beautiful park-scapes.

Includes: art supplies, light refreshments and a ride to the park via the Kenected Crawler Party Bus – 6 person minimum – 12 person maximum

Duration: 4 hrs.
Price: 55.00 pp 

“Moonlight Painting in the Park”

Includes: art supplies, light refreshments and a ride to the park via the Kenected Crawler Party Bus- 6 person minimum – 12 person maximum

Duration: 4 hrs.
Price: 55.00 

Locations vary based on each excursion – usually at a local park