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    Wooden Plaque Redo

    I was given a nice set of wooden plaques/pictures similar to the ones pictured above.  I liked them, but they didn’t quite fit my decor.  Have you ever had that issue before?   Well, I decided to do something about it and it was easier than you might think… You will need some supplies, like: ~ Spray on Primer ~ A quart or smaller container of a water based enamel paint in your choice of color(s) &/or a Spray Paint color or your choice.  If you choose to use spray paint be sure to choose one one that coats with one coat.  I chose one of each. ~ Another color for accent ~…

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    Silk Graveside Flowers

    Occasionally, I am asked to make artificial flower arrangements for different occasions. In this case, I made four matching graveside memorial arrangements – two in pink and two in blue.  This a quick is a quick tutorial on how I made them. (*Please note: this is for those with Intermediate to Advanced skills in floral design since there aren’t any step by step instructions for the actual design. If you would like to learn how to create one of your own and need more instruction, email us and let us know you’d like to take a class.) To start with you’ll need: 2 bunches of artificial flowers – preferably one with a mix of…

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    Where Is Your Joy?

    The Word says... "The Joy of the Lord is our strength" (Neh 8:10). It also says "Rejoice in the Lord...Always" (Phil 4:4) and by always He means ALWAYS...

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    Art Journaling “A Time To Heal”

    Right before we were scheduled to officially launch our Studio’s grand opening there was a tragic event at Pulse Nightclub.  Many were killed and many more were injured. We reached out to our community in Jacksonville to help with the processing of grief and confusion by offering a free art journaling session.  

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    Let Your Voice Be Heard

    This is just my thought, especially since this is an election year, but I think that it is important for Americans to vote. Yes, I said it and I believe it because it allows for your voice to be heard. Although there are those that might feel disfranchised by their government because there is no such thing as an “honest” politician, voting does show generally what the nation as a whole wants. Politicians cannot address certain issues, such as education, for example, if students and parents do not vote. Voting honors past sacrifices and our history, at least that’s  my opinion. America has fought many wars in the name of freedom,…

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    Many years ago,  a family member of a then close friend came into my life.  His name was Frankie (RIP).  I didn’t know him well or for very long for that matter. Yet… he left me not only with the gift of having known him, even if for such a short period but with another gift – freedom and the permission to pursue it.  Frankie was the type of spirit you want to know – joyful, positive and peaceful.  He was the type of spirit you just want to be around and spend more time with. Trust me when I say losing him was sad for the world, not just his family.…