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    The Joy of Overcoming – A Decade in Retrospect (Part 1)

    I began to write this blog entry, November 28, 2019, Thanksgiving Day, to be exact and exactly 33 days before a New Year of a new decade. It’s hard to believe that ten years have passed already and, like so many others, I am looking back on the last decade and my place in it. Ten years ago I had a new baby in tow and was still nurturing wounds fresh from loss and tragedy. The death of my grandmother and biological father preceded the loss of my apartment to a kitchen fire, which all happened a few short months after I had to close my Flower Shop business because of…

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    Art Journaling “A Time To Heal”

    Right before we were scheduled to officially launch our Studio’s grand opening there was a tragic event at Pulse Nightclub.  Many were killed and many more were injured. We reached out to our community in Jacksonville to help with the processing of grief and confusion by offering a free art journaling session.  

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    “Moonlight Painting in the Park”©

    Farah is one of our favorite people and she’s also one of our top supporters! So when she had family visiting from out of town we were thrilled to come up with a fun way to entertain them. We decided that an outdoor painting excursion would be the most exciting. We went to one of my favorite parks in the city: Friendship Park and what better thing to paint, other than Friendship Fountain? The Main Street Bridge, of course!  Mind you, none of us – including myself- had ever painted a bridge before so this was a learning experience for all of us. I shared a few drawing techniques to help them sketch…