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    It’s in the mail. (A repost)

    In light of what is going on concerning the U.S. Postal Service. I’d like to share a post from 2010, posted on my other blog – with some edits of course. I can’t imagine the U.S. without the U.S.P.S. it has been a part of my family for as long as I can remember. I share why in the following post entitled: “It’s In The Mail.” I don’t know about you, but every time I hear the US Postal Service is in trouble, I shudder. I do. Literally. Yes, I know, we are all about emails these days. If you can’t catch up that way there’s always Facebook and Myspace…

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    The Joy of Overcoming – A Decade in Retrospect (Part 2)

    … I didn’t bring you on this journey of the last ten years of my life to give all the gloom and doom. No, sir! Because you see in the last few years of this decade there has been a turnaround in my situation (and my friend’s). She met a nice young man at work and they are now engaged to be married. Yay! I, too have had an incredible turnaround as well and while yes, it does involve a very nice gentleman who has been my honey now for two wonderful years, it’s about so much more. I have found my voice, my place, purpose. I have found me.…

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    #ConnectFord – A Digital Journey Through the Ford VIP Experiential Blogger Program

    In September 2018 William Jackson and I, along with several students, attended FlBlogCon, created by the lovely Bess Auer.  Sponsored by Ford and hosted at Full Sail University, the conference was well attended by bloggers from all over the state of Florida and beyond. It was rife with knowledgeable bloggers sharing their journeys and strategies for success. We all learned a great deal in those sessions. There were also vendors, like The Shoe Bakery, selling their adorable ice cream shoes and unicorn purses, as well as, stations to make things like cool 3-D trinkets with the 3-D printer or button pins with the FlBlogCon Logo. Outside, the Southern Ford Dealers…

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    Beautifully Human

    “But you’re Not Black!” That is often the response I get when people that know I’m Puerto Rican hear my poetry or hear me speak about how comfortable I am embracing my African culture. It’s true, I’m not African American, and truth be told, if you took away my ethnicity- Hispanic/Latina- I’m a mix of black, white, and native Taino. I do carry African blood. My mother is mulatto, like me, she’s mixed with African (.24% Nigerian, in fact, according to her Ancestry test) and Taino, which is the name of the native people of the Island and European and my father is white (Puerto Rican) with a long family…

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    Building the New

    It’s been quite some time since the my last post and I wanted to apologize to you dear reader and follower and also give you an update. The good news is that I am still around and busier than ever! Which is great news for you because it means more content (eventually, lol) and it also means I’m growing! So, thank you for your patience as I continue to add information AND change the look of my page …and my company.  I know you enjoy what’s happening!

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    Ideas: 20 Fun Outdoor Nighttime Activities to try with your kids

    It’s really fun finding things to do outside with the kids and grand-kids during the day, especially as the weather warms up in the Spring or the weather cools down in the fall. And while daytime activities are plentiful, sometimes it’s not as easy to come up with things to do during twilight or evening hours so I created a list of possibilities. Here’s a quick rundown of the activities.  If you need more instructions…keep reading! Plus don’t miss two fun bonus ideas at the end! 1. Flashlight tag: this one is simple enough. One child gets to be “it”… the others run around like crazy trying to avoid getting…

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    Where Is Your Joy?

    The Word says... "The Joy of the Lord is our strength" (Neh 8:10). It also says "Rejoice in the Lord...Always" (Phil 4:4) and by always He means ALWAYS...

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    Let Your Voice Be Heard

    This is just my thought, especially since this is an election year, but I think that it is important for Americans to vote. Yes, I said it and I believe it because it allows for your voice to be heard. Although there are those that might feel disfranchised by their government because there is no such thing as an “honest” politician, voting does show generally what the nation as a whole wants. Politicians cannot address certain issues, such as education, for example, if students and parents do not vote. Voting honors past sacrifices and our history, at least that’s  my opinion. America has fought many wars in the name of freedom,…

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    Many years ago,  a family member of a then close friend came into my life.  His name was Frankie (RIP).  I didn’t know him well or for very long for that matter. Yet… he left me not only with the gift of having known him, even if for such a short period but with another gift – freedom and the permission to pursue it.  Frankie was the type of spirit you want to know – joyful, positive and peaceful.  He was the type of spirit you just want to be around and spend more time with. Trust me when I say losing him was sad for the world, not just his family.…